Floating PV R&D and Testbed

Floating PV

Figure 1. The world’s largest floating PV testbed managed by SERIS, located in Tengeh Reservoir, Singapore.

Floating solar or floating PV (FPV) refers to the installation of PV on water bodies, such as lakes, reservoirs, hydroelectric dams and other often under-utilized water bodies, with PV panels usually mounted upon a pontoon-based floating structure. FPV has huge market potential. It is expected to become the third largest sector for PV deployment after ground mounted and rooftop PV.

SERIS has extensive experience and expertise on FPV. We have designed and constructed the world’s largest floating PV testbed in Tengeh Reservoir, Singapore (Refer to press release and deployment video). We played the role of project manager and took complete ownership of design, construction, testing, commissioning and the scientific evaluation activities of the project. This testbed compares side by side various leading floating PV solutions from around the world. We also carry out comprehensive research activities by carrying out detailed monitoring and in depth analysis of system performance. Through excellence in research and plant operation, we accumulated rich knowledge and deep insight in this field. It is our objective to advance the best practices and help to formulate standards for floating PV.

SERIS also plays an active role in building the floating PV community. We successfully organized the inaugural International Floating Solar Symposium (IFSS) in Singapore, 2017. In addition, we host workshops for floating PV developers. We welcome any research collaboration, technical consultation and project development.

Figure 2. During installation, FPV Islands are deployed from the launching ramp.

Figure 3. Meteorological station on the floating Pontoon of the testbed.

Figure 4. Featured high quality sensors and equipment in the testbed for high standard research.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Abhishek KUMAR
Head, Solar System Technology Group