Characterisation of Photovoltaic Materials and Cells

Characterisation is the combination of accurate measurements and physical models to generate actionable information. To this end, we choose state-of-the-art tools that probe materials composition, electronic activity, and structures down to the most minute levels, as well as top of class equipment that measure device characteristics with adherence to international standards. Our depth of experience in PV metrology, silicon wafer and thin film cell processing, programming and simulation, gives us the versatility to solve real-world problems with unique, tailored solutions. Below are some of the services we offer:

Sample testing and analysis

  • Solar cell loss analysis (‘Cell Doctor’) – detailed breakdown of optical and collection losses, recombination losses, and resistive losses; two-dimensional simulation in the analysis of solar cell imaging and mapping data

  • High-precision steady-state light I-V and full-area spectral response

  • High-precision active-area spectral response and diffusion length mapping

  • Photoluminescence and electroluminescence imaging

  • Mapping of impurity zones and defects in wafer

  • Specular and diffuse transmission and reflection

  • Dielectric coatings: Charge and interface defect density mapping

  • Optical and dielectric properties of coating

  • Scanning electron microscopy

  • Line scans and 3D surface profile

PV product validation and improvement

  • Technical consultancy of industrial solar cells development, process optimisation, and yield improvement
  • Analysis and simulation of advanced cell concepts such as the heterojunction architecture, local back-surface-field, n-type bifacial configuration.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of metallisation paste in terms of printability, line and contact resistance, metal recombination

For further information, please contact:

Dr HO Jian Wei
Head of PV Characterisation Group
Silicon Materials and Cells Cluster

+65 6601 8987