Development of PV Modules

SERIS operates a PV Module Development Laboratory where PV modules ranging from small single-cell modules for testing purposes up to full-size 72-cell modules can be fabricated. Services offered by the lab include:

  • Processing of individual module components into full prototype modules for subsequent testing and qualification
  • Detailed characterisation of PV module components (glass panes, encapsulants, ribbons, backsheets, etc)
  • Partial processing of PV modules for process or component verification
  • Quality and yield analysis of PV module components
  • Identification of the root causes of PV module failure after certification tests

Selected research activities currently conducted in the PV Module Development Group include:

  • Glass-glass bifacial modules - development of PV modules tailor-made for the tropical climate
  • Indoor and outdoor studies of potential-induced-degradation (PID) of PV modules
  • Development of cost-effective and production-ready high-performance PV modules using multi-busbar halved-cell technology
  • Recycling and repair of PV modules
  • Comprehensive cell-to-module (CTM) power loss analysis

Double-glass bifacial PV module developed by SERIS.

Comparison of reflective interconnection ribbons. Left: EQE measurements, Right: Summarised current gain.

For further information, please contact:

Dr KHOO Yong Sheng