Griddler 2.5

The Handy Solar Cell Simulator

Griddler 2.5 is the latest free release of the solar cell finite-element model (FEM) simulation program developed at SERIS. It solves the voltage and current distributions in the cell plane at arbitrary illumination and biasing conditions. Further, the user can easily define spatial variations in most recombination and resistance parameters, for instance the diode saturation current densities and emitter sheet resistance, either by importing a picture or via a built-in drawing interface. Finally, Griddler 2.5 supports the definition of both front and rear metallization geometries, and features a rigorous bifacial calculation mode.

Download an installer and manual here.

Resources and tutorials will be constantly updated on this YouTube channel and this YouKu channel.

An internal validation report of the outputs and comparison of Griddler 2 to other methods, is also available for download here.

For further information, please contact:

Dr HO Jian Wei
Head of PV Characterisation Group
Silicon Materials and Cells Cluster

+65 66018987