PV System Doctor

The "PV System Doctor" is an advanced Operation & Maintenance (O&M) service developed and implemented by SERIS that provides a comprehensive "health check" for PV systems. The service aims at providing timely identification of under-performance of PV assets and proactively providing solutions to mitigate risks and prevent future financial losses. (Please refer to a technical article)

The PV System Doctor comprises of the following professional services that can be employed as an individual service or as a package by interested clients:

• Real-time monitoring of individual strings or entire PV System
• Advanced on-site diagnostics using innovative imaging techniques and IEC-compliant PV system checks
• Independent financial assessment

Advanced on-site diagnostics of individual strings includes initial screening methods such as visual inspection, I-V curve analysis, and thermographic analysis (Refer to Figures 1, 2 and 3) of the PV system. Highly specialised mobile daytime electro-luminescence, photo-luminescence and UV fluorescence imaging techniques are also employed (Refer to Figures 4 and 5) to inspect the quality of PV modules either individually or as a complete string - without removing them from the frames or from the site. The economic viability of the proposed technical rectification measures will also be assessed (Refer to Figure 6).

Figure 1. Visible inspection.

Figure 2. I-V curve analysis.

Figure 3. Thermographic analysis.

Figure 4. On-site electro/photo luminescence in broad daylight.

Figure 5. UV fluorescence.

Figure 6. Economic viability and financial impact assessment.

SERIS provides a comprehensive diagnostic report for all these services that includes the recommended rectification works and their cost-benefit analysis.


Shown below are selected case studies of PV system doctor services executed on utility- scale, commercial and industrial roof and off-grid PV systems in South-East Asia:

Case Study for Utility-scale PV System: Click Here

Case Study for Industrial Rooftop PV System: Click Here

Case Study for Commercial Rooftop PV System: Click Here

Case Study for Off-grid PV System: Click Here

We welcome any service requests, research collaborations and technical consultations.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Darryl Wang
Head, Asia PV Quality Assurance Centre