Solar Thermal Collectors And Collector Systems- Simulation, Testing, Analysis And Quality Assurance

Due to the year-round availability of solar energy with little seasonality in Singapore - on average 1630 kWh of solar energy per year for each square meter of horizontal surface - solar thermal systems can provide an attractive alternative to conventional heating systems. Solar thermal collectors are able to convert up to 80% of the incident solar energy into heat, which can then be used in industrial processes requiring temperatures up to 120ºC - for example in breweries, distilleries, and chemical/pharmaceutical factories - or in other applications such as laundries, hotels, hospitals, domestic hot water (DHW) systems (50-60ºC) or heat-powered air-conditioning systems.

To accelerate the deployment of such technologies, SERIS offers the following services on solar thermal systems for the tropics.

Feasibility studies of solar thermal systems for industrial process heat

The heat demand profiles of industrial processes at our industry partners are analysed in order to investigate the feasibility of solar thermal systems for certain industrial applications in the tropics. The study includes the design of an appropriate solar thermal system and a life cycle cost analysis.

Outdoor testing of solar thermal collector systems (short and long term)

The efficiency and durability of solar collectors are measured under tropical conditions. The evaluation of the data is done via model-based time-resolved simulation analyses. This method is well adapted to the fluctuating solar radiation conditions in the tropics.

Solar thermal system quality assurance

We offer quality assurance services for solar thermal systems for tropical climates. This includes qualitative and quantitative analyses and evaluation of tender submissions for solar thermal systems in the tropics.

Analytical monitoring

We offer monitoring in real time through continuous on-site data logging of the solar thermal system as well as quantitative analyses of the measured performance data.

Professional training

To support the solar industry, we offer professional training on solar thermal systems for the tropics.

Solar thermal collectors being tested at SERIS’ Outdoor Solar Thermal Testing facility.

Time-resolved measurements of solar thermal collector system parameters - collector inlet temperature (black line), outlet temperatures of three different types of collector (blue, green and red lines), ambient temperature (grey line) and solar irradiation (yellow line) - during a typical day in Singapore.

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