System Performance Monitoring

Real-Time Analytical Monitoring of PV Systems

We offer real-time analytical monitoring of PV installations - from small rooftop systems to large ground-based PV power plants in the multi-MW range. Our monitoring capabilities have also expanded to India, Cambodia and Australia.

Analytical monitoring consists of a detailed measurement of critical system parameters and their analysis through mathematical modelling and scientic-technical evaluation. The monitoring system provides instant output verification, failure detection and alarm triggers. The features of the system, which can be customised to individual requirements, include:

  • 1-second resolution for various DC and AC parameters of a PV system, plus meteorological parameters such as irradiances measured with different devices and inclinations, temperatures (module, ambient), relative humidity and wind speed/direction
  • Tailoring of alarms according to the customer’s needs (e.g. upon inverter trips, grid outages, system underperformance, etc), including SMS service
  • High-quality visualisation of measured data online or on screens for various target groups: operations managers, engineers, general public (e.g. through displays in corporate entrance areas)
  • Automated daily download and data back-up routines through a secure virtual private network over 4G connection.
  • ± 150 ms time synchronisation (with SERIS time server)
  • Highest data security through VPN connections

Upon a system failure, SERIS engineers receive a warning (e.g. via SMS), thus enabling a fast reinstatement of the PV system’s operation.

Upgraded PV Monitoring Display Panel with live display of irradiance, sky cameras, and weather parameters

Example of a monitoring system with electrical components (in the background) and sensors (foreground).