System Performance Monitoring

Upgraded PV Monitoring Display Panel with live display of irradiance, sky cameras, and weather parameters

Example of a monitoring system with electrical components (in the background) and sensors (foreground).

We offer real-time analytical monitoring of PV installations - from small rooftop systems to large ground-based PV power plants in the multi-MW range. Our monitoring capabilities have also expanded to India and Cambodia in 2016.

Analytical monitoring consists of a detailed measurement of critical system parameters and their analysis through mathematical modelling and statistical analysis. The monitoring system provides instant output verification, failure detection and alarm triggers. The features of the system, which can be customised to individual requirements, include:

  • 1-second resolution for various DC and AC parameters of a PV system, plus meteorological parameters such as irradiances measured with different devices and inclinations, temperatures (module, ambient), relative humidity and wind speed/direction
  • Tailoring of alarms according to the customer’s needs (e.g. upon inverter trips, grid outages, system underperformance, etc), including SMS service
  • High-quality visualisation of measured data online or on screens for various target groups: operations managers, engineers, general public (e.g. through displays in corporate entrance areas)
  • Automated daily download and data back-up routines through a secure virtual private network over 4G connection.
  • ± 150 ms time synchronisation (with SERIS time server)

Upon a system failure, SERIS engineers receive a warning (e.g. via SMS), thus enabling a fast reinstatement of the PV system’s operation.