Outdoor Thermal Collector Testing

SERIS’ Outdoor Thermal Collector Testing Facility enables high-precision outdoor testing of solar thermal collectors in Singapore’s tropical climate. The facility can measure the solar thermal yield and the characteristic performance parameters of solar thermal collectors under tropical conditions. The basic features of the test facility include:

  • Outdoor testing of solar thermal collectors and collector systems (short term and long term).
  • Determination of collector efficiency and durability under tropical conditions.
  • Evaluation of measurement data via model-based time-resolved simulation analyses. This method is capable of dealing with the highly fluctuating daily solar irradiance conditions in the tropics.

Currently, two different types of solar thermal collectors (each with an aperture area of up to 6 m2) can be tested in parallel, with input collector temperatures in the range of 60-120ºC.

SERIS’ Outdoor Solar Thermal Collector Testing Facility on a roof-top at NUS

For further information, please contact:

Dr Arifeen WAHED