Novel PV Concepts Cluster

Solar cells and modules based on novel or emerging concepts for PV energy conversion might one day offer cost, efficiency, or other advantages compared to the traditional solar cell materials and concepts. One novel PV concept investigated at SERIS is solution-processed organic solar cells. Another is thin-film on silicon tandem solar cells. A promising thin-film PV technology with the potential for mass production researched by SERIS is thin-film solar cells based on the CIGS (copper, indium, gallium, selenium/sulphur) materials system.

Organisational Structure of the Cluster

Cluster Director

Prof Armin ABERLE (since Aug 2016)

Group Heads

Organic Solar Cells
Associate Prof Karl Erik BIRGERSSON

Tandem Solar Cells
Dr Serena LIN Fen (since Aug 2016)

CIGS Solar Cells