PV Quality Assurance Group

The perceived quality of a PV system includes a wide range of aspects from components, systems all the way to operation & maintenance (O&M) and its economic viability. The PV Quality Assurance (PVQA) group has proprietary software tools enabling accurate energy yield projections, which are of vital importance to project developers as well as investors. Also acting as a banker’s engineer, the group offers economic assessments and a variety of technical services, ranging from independent thirdparty evaluation of system design & implementation via energy yield assessment for PV systems to feasibility studies and full due diligence evaluations. The group carries out comparative research on PV module and system performance across different climate zones (within the “TruePowerTM” project),and also applies innovative techniques for the deployment of PV, such as drone-based 3D modelling of buildings and their techno-economic evaluation for optimised solar PV installations. The group also offers pre-acquisition/commissioning health verification and advanced on-site fault diagnosis services for PV systems within the PV System Doctor service.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Darryl WANG
Head, PV Quality Assurance Group