Solar Energy System Cluster

The Solar Energy System (SES) Cluster focuses on making solar power a cost-effective and trusted source of electricity. The SES activities have a wide variety and span from remote monitoring to novel PV system designs such as Floating Solar and forecasting of irradiance for better grid integration management. The cluster also addresses the specific challenges when deploying solar technologies in urban environments like Singapore and other megacities. The SES Cluster drives four of SERIS’ seven targeted leadership areas: High-performance PV systems for the tropics, variability management of PV, solarisation of Singapore, and PV quality assurance.

In order to leverage synergies within SERIS and to strengthen certain core activities in the SES cluster, the following organisational changes were made in 2017:

  • Integration of the “Solar and Energy Efficient Buildings” (SEEB) cluster into the SES cluster
  • Integration of the former “PV Grid Integration ” group into the re-named “Solar System Technology” group
  • Creation of the new “Urban Solar” group

Organisational Structure of the Cluster

Cluster Director

Dr Thomas REINDL

Group Heads

Solar System Technology
Dr Abhishek KUMAR

Urban Solar
Dr Stephen TAY

Solar Potential and Energy Meteorology
Dr Wilfred WALSH

Asia PV Quality Assurance Centre
Dr Darryl WANG