Solar Thermal System Group

More than 40% of Singapore's electricity consumption and almost 90% of Singapore’s natural gas use occurs in industry. Therefore the implementation of both energy conservation/efficiency measures and replacing fossil fuels by renewable energy sources in an industrial context will be required to reduce the city-state's carbon intensity. Industries that require process heat are particularly suited to improve their energy balance by substituting fossil fuels with solar energy for heat generation. In Singapore, a broad range of industries require industrial process heat in the temperature range of 60°C to 150°C, for example the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and the semiconductor industry. Due to the year-round availability of solar energy with little seasonality (on average 1630 kWh of solar energy per year for each square meter of horizontal surface), solar thermal systems can provide an attractive alternative. Solar thermal collectors convert up to 80% of the incident solar energy into heat, which can then be used for industrial processes. Our services include: Feasibility of solar thermal systems for industrial process heat (including life cycle cost studies), simulation and outdoor testing of solar thermal collectors for the tropics, solar thermal system design, analytical monitoring of solar process heat systems, and professional training.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Arifeen WAHED
Head, Solar Thermal System Group