Urban Solar Group

Deploying solar technologies in an urban environment poses specific challenges, such as space constraints, shading from other buildings, and cost-effective ways of installing large numbers of rather small systems. The Urban Solar group addresses these challenges by employing innovative, city-scale 3D mapping tools and optimisation of building layouts, while also working on urban morphologies that are designed for maximising the use of solar energy. One of the key technologies in urban environments is building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), which aims to replace existing materials of the building envelope with energy-generating elements using solar technologies. Multifunctional shading devices or claddings (which also reduce the solar heat gain and hence the building’s air-conditioning load) can be combined with novel technologies, for example coloured PV modules, to offer aesthetically pleasing design options for architects. The group also supports various Singapore government initiatives, such as the “SolarNova” programme and the “Positive Energy, Zero Energy, and Super Low Energy Buildings (PE-ZE-SLEB) for the Tropics” programme, by providing technical expertise and training local manpower.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Stephen TAY
Head, Urban Solar Group